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Why you should be adding salt to your bath

Why you should be adding salt to your bath

Supercharge your self-care with salt baths

Bathing has been part of our lives since the dawn of civilisation. Born from a basic necessity to keep ourselves clean, the ritual of bathing offers us so much more. A connection with water, one of the purest elements on earth, makes us feel good and helps us to relax. Adding salt to your bath can offer amazing benefits for our skin, physical health and wellbeing.

The benefits of salt bathing

There’s nothing quite like bathing in the salty waters of the ocean, because seawater has a powerfully transformative effect on the body; hydrating the skin, soothing soreness and irritation, and releasing tension. More than that, we awaken a primitive part of ourselves when we return to the freedom of water.

Salt bathing is a simple way to recreate the ocean experience. It was this understanding that gave rise to the birth of spa – which stands for Sanitas Per Aqua: health through mineral water. For centuries, spas have used natural water therapy to heal, hydrate and restore our bodies whilst creating space to escape the daily grind.

Your body needs minerals

Adding salts to your bath will supercharge the water, exposing your body to essential minerals that can so easily be depleted through stress and lifestyle factors. It's well known that deficiencies in these minerals can have an adverse effect on our health and wellbeing and leave us vulnerable to skin conditions.

In the short space of a 20-minute soak, minerals can be absorbed into the body beyond the surface of the skin. At a deeper level, minerals are needed for many basic chemical reactions and processes in our whole body that are happening all the time. This process of transdermal mineral absorption – when you soak in a salt bath – is an effective means of absorbing minerals to help keep ourselves healthy.

Salt bathing gives our bodies a chance to absorb these much-needed minerals. Whether it’s during an everyday bath routine or a self-care Sunday soak, a handful or two of Sea Magik salts will leave your skin feeling soft and your body refreshed from head to toe.

Bringing balance to skin health

In everyday use, salts help to balance and maintain vital skin function. Dead Sea Spa Salts, with their high concentration of natural minerals, thoroughly hydrate the skin helping to alleviate dry skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. Pure concentrated Magnesium Spa Flakes are another salt ideal for everyday use as they provide the body with vital levels of essential magnesium.

For deep cleansing and purifying the skin, Himalayan Spa Salts support your skin’s natural detoxification process. Whilst Epsom Spa Salts are your ultimate all-rounder, reducing swelling and relieving tired, aching muscles in addition to repairing and conditioning the skin.

Salt therapy at home

We are established experts in salt bathing, working in partnership with leading spas across the globe since 1981. With our new Salted range you can now replicate a spa experience at home, with the salt of your choice. Salt bathing is safe and gentle on all skin types, including young children and those with very sensitive skin.

Transform your bath into a salt therapy ritual to support your skin and feel the benefits of salt bathing all year round.

Sea Magik 1kg salts are 100% natural, vegan, cruelty free and packaged using 25% less plastic than regular pouches. Shop all Sea Magik Salted collection 1kg salts here. 

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