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Top tips for managing teenage acne skin with sea minerals

Top tips for managing teenage acne skin with sea minerals

Helping a teenager with acne

We asked Becky, a Sea Magik mentor, beautician and mother of two teenage daughters, to write us a blog post on her experience of helping her daughters manage their acne with Sea Magik mineral skincare products.

How do Dead Sea salts help people with acne?

“Dead Sea mineral water is known for its naturally antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, making it a saviour for adult or teenage skin prone to breakouts – from the occasional spot through to more serious acne.

And as a mum with two teenagers in the house, you can only imagine how hormonal it can be at times! Thankfully I’ve been using Sea Magik mineral skincare in my treatment routines for years, and I know exactly how Dead Sea salts can help people suffering from acne breakouts.

Helping a teenager with acne 

Knowing my daughters look at social media and see this ‘perfect’ perception of what they ‘think’ their skin should look like, worries me every day. I see them wanting to try expensive skincare routines that are potentially too strong and damage their skin, but I also want them to feel confident and help them feel happy with their skin.

By helping them understand acne is actually very ‘normal’ and a natural process their teenage skin goes through, you can help your teenager discover natural products that will actually heal their skin health - and provide dramatic results - like the ones below.


After using Sea Magik sea mineral skincare.

Top tips for managing acne skin with sea minerals

Here are my top tips for helping someone you love, manage and heal acne prone skin, and feel confident every day. Because as if being a teenager isn’t hard enough, at least we can help them with the right products to get the ultimate in skin health.

Step 1

The first thing is to make sure their skin is clean, and I recommend Gentle Cleansing Facial Wash for this. It’s great for problem skin like acne, but also gentle enough to use on sensitive skin, such as eczema.

It’s more than just a basic cleanser – it's a powerhouse of Dead Sea minerals, tea tree oil and aloe vera, designed to purify and revitalise your skin, removing surface impurities whilst replenishing essential minerals crucial for healthy skin function.

How to use: Lather up a pea size amount with a splash of water and massage in to leave the skin fresh, glowing and squeaky clean!

Step 2

Often when teens are experimenting with skincare, they use an exfoliator too harsh for their youthful skin, but they’ll see improvements after just one use of Sea Magik Mild Exfoliant, which works to gently buff away dead skin cells without stripping the skin, thanks to the delicate blend of Dead Sea salts and organic seaweed.

How to use: Massage into the face using circular movements once or twice a week - ideally when the skin is damp (I’d recommend in the shower just after they’ve washed their face) - working a little deeper into the nose and chin areas where we usually see more blocked pores and blackheads.

Step 3

Black Clay SOS Mask is great to apply after exfoliating to deeply cleanse and purify pores. Made with active charcoal to brighten, Dead Sea mud to hydrate and soothe, and kaolin to deep cleanse and hydrate, it’s excellent at removing bacteria from decongested skin, whilst calming acne-prone skin.

How to use: Cover the face with a pea size amount, avoiding the eyes and mouth areas. Leave for 5 minutes and remove with clean water-soaked mitts or cloth.

Step 4

My daughters hate the feeling of their skin being too oily, but it’s essential you continue to moisturise acne skin. Since they discovered Flat Matte Epsom Moisturiser, it’s been a game changer, thanks to the lightweight texture that feels more like a primer.

Infused with Epsom salts, soothing aloe vera and organic seaweed, this superhero in a tube actively reduces the sebum production within the skin, producing a naturally mattifying effect, whilst also calming inflammation and soothing irritated skin.

How to use: Use a pea size amount and it’ll leave skin feeling soothed and hydrated, but also matte – no more shiny skin!

The acne skincare routine

Following an acne skincare routine that focuses on restoring your teenager's skin health using sea minerals, rather than TikTok trends, will quickly see long-lasting results giving them confidence every day, whilst also being cost effective, simple to follow, and a non abrasive alternative for delicate teenage skin."

The Acne Skin Solution kit

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