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Do you have a 'before and after' to share

We know Sea Magik products give transformative results to almost everyone who uses them, but we want to be able to prove this to more people.

Share your skin health journey

For the first time ever, we're asking you to share your before and after photos, in the hope this can inspire more people to start their mineral skin health journey.

For every set of before and after photo we use in our marketing*, you'll get a £50 voucher to spend online.

What do I need to do?

There are a few rules we need to follow, so we make sure your identity is protected, and we have your permission.

1. When you send your images, you must give us explicit permission to use them in our marketing (we can block out any distinguishable features - see examples below).

2. The photos must be a fair representation and demonstrate a clear before and after, and of course Sea Magik products must have been used!

3. There is no minimum or maximum time we need between photos, for example: a before and after using Pink Salt Shampoo will instantly show a difference. Likewise; Algimud Mask will show a difference in only 15 minutes, but any results using Sea Magik products for eczema or psoriasis may take longer.

How do I take the images?

If you've already got before and after photos on your camera roll - great! Send them over to us - just make sure you're following the rules above and the guidelines below.

The easiest way to take the photos will be on your smartphone, just make sure you don't compress them (make them smaller) when sending.Ideally, they need to be around 1MB, but don't worry if they're a bit bigger, we can resize 😊

Here are some good examples...

If you don't know how to add black frames, or crop the images, don't worry - we can do that for you, just let us know when you send over.

What do I do with the images?

To keep things nice and simple, all we're asking is for you to send your before and after images, with supporting information, to:

What supporting information do you need?

When sending your images, you'll also need to confirm in writing you're happy for us to use your images in Sea Magik marketing*.

You'll also need to let us know:

  • What products you used
  • How long between the before and after
  • And any other helpful information such as a quote like:"this product changed my life"or"I couldn't believe the difference this product made to my skin"

When do I get my voucher?

Once our team have reviewed the images and made sure we're happy to include them in our marketing, we'll send you a voucher to use online within three months.

Happy snapping! 📸

Thank you for helping us spread the word of how sea minerals can help more people on their skin health journey.

We can't wait to see your photos!

Love Kate, Sea Magik CEO and Co-Founder

* Approved images will be used in marketing examples such as social media, website, emails, point of sale and other promotional literature. We reserve the right to not use every single image we're sent, thereby sending images to Sea Magik does not guarantee either the image being used, or a £50 voucher.

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