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Skin conditions could mean a mineral deficiency

Skin conditions could mean a mineral deficiency

At Sea Magik we know that feeling run-down, stressed and fatigued can sometimes feel like an inevitable consequence of a a busy day-to-day life. Whether that’s due to stress, an inadequate diet or even the use of medication; our bodies can sometimes need a bit of a boost.

Whilst it may seem like a small thing, a mineral deficiency can have numerous manifestations: from skin issues like acne and psoriasis to premature skin-ageing, physical discomfort, a low mood or even poor sleep quality.

We firmly believe that maintaining a natural balance of minerals within the body will reflect on the outside, leading to improved overall well-being.

Sea Minerals Are Vital

Our bodies naturally contain the same minerals found in sea mineral salts and these play a vital role in the proper functioning of our organs and overall health. The depletion of these essential minerals are so important when it comes to regulating the every day functions of our body can often be all the difference. 

To kickstart your journey towards recovery, indulge in Sea Magik’s curated range of bath salts. Designed to prioritise recovery, detoxification and renewal, these salts offer a unique way to unwind.

We meticulously select the purest, mineral-rich salts from around the world to provide you with a range of products that can cater to any and all aspects of your life.

Sea Magik Bath Salts

Our Pink Himalayan Bath Salts are known for their mineral-rich composition with potassium, iron and calcium making this treatment ideal for detoxification. 

Epsom Spa Salts, popular among sports fans and beauty enthusiasts alike, promotes muscle recovery and relaxation.

Magnesium salts are vital for hormone regulation, protein creation, and overall wellness. As well as aiding in metabolism improvement and reducing stress levels. 

For centuries, Dead Sea bath salts have been used to alleviate problem and sensitive skin. Acting to replenish and revitalise with every treatment, they are suitable for all skin types.

Indulge in our completely natural, 100% vegan bath salts and find your perfect match.

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