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Self-care first. New years resolutions second.

Self-care first. New years resolutions second.

Having spent many years setting health-orientated goals every New Year, just to find two months down the road that bad habits are creeping back in, I can honestly say that New Years resolutions don't work in the long term.

I truly believe that in order to stick to things that are good for you, you need to be in a good place mentally and emotionally, which is why a focus on self-care can help support any other intentions you have for the year.


What self-care means to me is spending conscious time focused only on things that are good for my soul. 

For me, this could be yoga, meditation, paddle boarding, working out, walking with my daughters, reading (self development or murder mysteries are my favourite), cooking, playing board games or a long soak in a salty bath. These are things that (in a past, hectic life) I would often overlook in favour of working hard, socialising or doing things to please others.

Nowadays, self-care is part of my daily routine. I try and start every day with something that makes me feel good. 

This does mean setting my alarm an hour earlier than necessary, but it means I have a set time each day to dedicate to myself and my emotional health. Doing something at the same time every day helps to embed discipline into any new routine.

Taking time for self-care has in turn helped me stick to other intentions, like eating healthily and working out regularly. 

Having a focus on self-care is certainly not selfish or self-indulgent (as I may have thought in the past). It has made me healthier and happier and an all-round nicer person.  Well, that's how I feel anyway!

What's your self-care today?


Kate x

Founder and MD, Sea Magik & Spa Find

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