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Top 5 tips for healthy, summer hair

Top 5 tips for healthy, summer hair

Summer hair you’re happy to bare can be really hard to come by. There are a few factors in the Summer that can mean our hair goes from happy and healthy to lack lustre and untameable.  

  • As we increase our swimming activities, the chlorine of swimming pools strips away at our scalps natural oils and sucks the moisture from our hair. 
  • The sun in its own glorious right, dries and frazzles hair and as much as we all crave beautiful beach waves the reality of Sea drenched hair is far from heavenly and will make for dull and hard to manage locks! 

Your go to look of messy buns or high ponies, can now be a thing of the past with these top 5 tips to silky, sumptuous, and hydrated summer hair. 


 If you like to calm the humidity induced fly away hairs with a little serum, wax or gel, or use a lot of product in your hair, it is a necessity to cleanse that product build up away at least once a week to keep your hair healthy.  

  • Using a clarifying shampoo such as Pink Salt Shampoo will help to gently remove residue and leave hair feeling weightless, fresh and volumized.  
  • Not only will your hair look and feel deeply cleansed it will smell divine too; lime, cypress and rosemary leave you with zesty and uplifting fragrance following you around all day. 


 As loyal as you may be to your current shampoo and conditioner, it is OK to mix it up especially when your summer hair tells you too i.e., its feeling dry! The Summer can drain the moisture from the hair, feeling like you have been in the Sahara Dessert not on the Brighton Beach.  

  • Give your hair a much-needed hydration shot with our amazing NEW Argan Oil and Magnesium Shampoo and Magnesium Conditioner duo, this dynamite of a pair pack a punch when it comes to nourishment, and healthy looking and feeling hair. Argan oil famed for its protective and moisturising properties is paired with magnesium, the mineral our bodies just can’t get enough of! 


 Using protection is the first line of defence in the fight against Summer Frizz, whether it’s humidity-based frizzing or swimming hair dehydration. Give your hair a helping hand by protecting it before you leave the house.  

  • If swimming is your thing dampen your hair in clean water and add a little Pink Salt Conditioniser to the mid lengths and ends before you take a dip. 
  • If the beach is your bag then make sure to protect hair from the sun and sea, with regular applications of conditioniser to the ends and take a spray bottle with clean water so you can rinse off your hair after a salty dip! 



 Be kind to your precious locks and treat it to a date with mask at least once a week if not twice, your hair will reward you by growing and glowing!  

  • The 3 seaweed scalp mud can give back all the sea has taken from your gorgeous locks, along with coconut oil and dead sea mud a trio of seaweeds aid moisture retention and rejuvenate tired follicles. 
  • Did you know that seaweed is the hero of the sea it can withstand even the strongest of currents and it can grow up to hundreds of feet long, it also houses and protects lots of small sea creatures - aww! 



 Oil is for everyone, even the most oil prone scalps and hair need a little oil application sometimes. Our Six Oil Super Serum can do a multitude of jobs when it comes to our healthy hair and scalp, the perfect go to, to treat irritation and soreness and its particularly good at soothing a sun burnt scalp!  

  • Rich in jojoba oil it hydrates and holds moisture like no other, for a super luxurious treat leave on the mid-lengths and ends of the hair overnight! The lightweight consistency of this oil makes it the ideal solution to tame those wild fluffy hairs – using the tiniest amount warmed in the palms then lightly smoothed over the hair, will give a glossy finish. 


Enjoy the summer months and remember to protect your hair like it’s your skin! 

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