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Our body needs minerals

The human body is made from 70% mineral water. Minerals play a vital role in maintain skin function but are easily depleted through stress and lifestyle factors.

When we are mineral deficient we become vulnerable to a variety of health problems and skin conditions, which can also affect our wellbeing. Mineral deficiency contributes to many common skin conditions we may suffer; dryness, irritation, eczema, psoriasis, acne and premature skin ageing.

Our skin needs minerals

We have spent 30 years perfecting the infusion of mineral salts into skincare products and treatments in order to deliver outstanding results and relief from skin concerns.

Applying pure Spa minerals to the skin helps to alleviate skin concerns, repairing and hydrating skin cells not just at surface level, but beyond.

Benefits of sea minerals

Our bodies need minerals

Humans are made from 70% mineral water. These minerals are essential for the hydration + health of your skin/hair.

Skin + hair health

Sea Magik products are packed with body-essential minerals that replenish + optimise skin/hair health.

An ancient spa remedy

Sea mineral bathing has been used around the world since ancient times, to keep our bodies in healthy balance.

Boost emotional well-being

The sea has the ability to heal the mind + body by boosting our feel-good hormones. We bring the therapeutic power of the sea to your bathroom, every day.

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