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All skin can be awkward

Treating Awkward Skin Naturally

We understand that skin can change daily; it is a barometer of our overall health and is prone to suffer under stress. That is why we design our treatments and products with all skin concerns in mind, even the most awkward of skin conditions. We are confident about our ability to treat all
types of skin.

The Sea Magik blend of natural Spa minerals + marine actives delivers instant results; treating symptoms and returning skin to
optimum health.

Minerals aid hydration + health

Dry Skin Conditions

When our business first launched, we were featured on the BBC News as ‘a revolutionary cure for psoriasis & eczema’ and our products have always been exceptional at treating dry skin in all its various guises.

It’s the minerals we infuse into our skincare products that are beneficial in balancing the hydration levels in our skin cells, soothing and nourishing even the most troublesome
of dry skin.

Acne and spot prone skin

Our products use natural antibacterial ingredients to control oiliness, reduce inflammation and treat breakouts.

Itchy Flaky Scalp

Our mineral shampoos and natural, conditioning scalp muds relieve dry scalp conditions, including psoriasis.

Anti Ageing

We have a range of products to actively target wrinkles and protect skin from premature ageing.

Benefits of sea minerals

Our bodies need minerals

Humans are made from 70% mineral water. These minerals are essential for the hydration + health of your skin/hair.

Skin + hair health

Sea Magik products are packed with body-essential minerals that replenish + optimise skin/hair health.

An ancient spa remedy

Sea mineral bathing has been used around the world since ancient times, to keep our bodies in healthy balance.

Boost emotional well-being

The sea has the ability to heal the mind + body by boosting our feel-good hormones. We bring the therapeutic power of the sea to your bathroom, every day.

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