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Skin Health Sets

Introducing the Skin Health Sets from Sea Magik - natural, healing skin solutions powered by sea minerals.  

We know that every person’s skin is unique, so we've developed products to suit all skin types. 

Our Skin Health Sets will not only nourish your skin with sea minerals, but also provide deep comfort and relief from skin concerns, including psoriasis and eczema, premature ageing/dull skin, adult and teenage acne, and sensitive skin, helping you take control of your skin health.

Discover the power of natural healing today, and feel good, every day.

Radical Radiance Pro-Ageing Set

Skin Ageing​

Skin Health Sets​

Our body (and skin) is made up from mineral water, and it's the minerals in this water that help to control skin hydration, plumpness and collagen levels.​

Sea Magik products are rich in minerals to remineralise the skin, making it look healthier and more youthful.​

Our two new Radiance Pro-Ageing Sets will save you up to 1/3 compared to buying products individually.

Psoriasis / Eczema Set

Psoriasis / Eczema​

Skin Health Sets​

We're experts in problem skin types and were the first company to create a range of Dead Sea mineral natural healing products for eczema and psoriasis.

And now we're created the ultimate Eczema + Psoriasis Skin Health Set, saves you 1/3 compared to buying products individually. 

Acne Skin Set

Adult + Teenage Acne​

Skin Health Sets​

Dead Sea mineral water is known for it’s naturally antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, making it a saviour for adult or teenage skin prone to breakouts – from the occasional spot through to more serious acne. 

Our new Acne Skin Set saves you 15% compared to buying products individually. 

Sensitive Skin Set

Sensitive Skin​

Skin Health Sets​

A set of skin soothing and cooling facial products, packed with healing natural Dead Sea minerals and organic seaweed, and rich in essential amino and fatty acids. Suitable for even the most sensitive skin, from tweens through to mature skin types. Featuring:

  • Black Mud Soap –  perfect for skin that can't tolerate conventional soaps
  • Algimud Mask – a cooling and soothing mask to comfort sensitive skin
  • Rich Moisturiser – a hydrating and cooling facial moisturiser for all skin types

Our new Sensitive Skin Set saves you 15% compared to buying products individually.

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Eczema + Psoriasis Skin Solutions

Eczema + Psoriasis Solutions


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Sensitive Skin Solutions

Sensitive Skin Solutions


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Acne Skin Solution Set
Ache Skin set for Soothing and Repairing Skin

Acne Skin Solution


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Radiance Pro-Ageing Duo

Radiance Pro-Ageing Duo


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