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The features and benefits of our new massage and body treatments and packages

The features and benefits of our new massage and body treatments and packages

Our Treatment menu has been developed to give your clients instant results with long term effects.

We asked the Sea Magik education team, Max and Katie, to tell us a little bit more about our new Body and Massage Treatments and Packages, including the types of products used and how they can benefit your clients.

Our new Body and Massage menu consists of five new Treatments:

  • Yogassage Signature Ocean Flow + Glow ritual – 90 mins
  • Yogassage Soothing Waves Ritual Full Body – 75mins + Yogassage Wave Pregnancy Massage – 75mins
  • Yogassage Calming Waves Ritual Back Of Body – 45mins
  • Hot Salt Rock Stress Relief + Relax Massage – 75mins
  • Hot Salt Rock Muscle Mend + Soothe Massage Back Of Body – 45mins

So you can start planning which Sea Magik Treatment you'd like to offer your clients, we’ve written a blog giving you information on how much we recommend you sell our Treatments for, and what you can expect in terms of revenue and profit.

The Massage Rituals are mind, body and soul experiences, inspired by the healing power of the sea and the mindful practice of yoga. These principles work in synergy to treat skin health whilst boosting emotional well-being.​

But what is unique about Sea Magik body and massage treatments and packages, and why should you invest in them?

Signature Treatment

The movements of the massage resemble that of the sea, the therapist is encouraged to find her own rhythm to suit the needs of the client.

Invigorating or soothing, this can be established in consultation or be an intuitive action but the flow of the massage movements based on Hawaiian Lomi Lomi style massage with use of forearms to aid pressure.


Due to the adaptive nature of the treatment, the massage sequence can be used as firmly or gently as required, meaning it's suitable for all clients. 

The same massage can be performed on pregnant clients, with a guide being provided on how the clients should lay throughout the treatment.

Therapist Well-being

When we were developing all our Treatments, we put therapist well-being at the front and centre, because we know how strenuous it can be doing treatments all day!

All massages have been developed to allow the therapist to apply pressure without straining themselves.

When practiced correctly, the Lomi Lomi and flow style of the massage encourages the therapist to use the whole body reducing excess strain on joints like wrists and shoulders.

One Core Massage Protocol

The aid learning the Yogassage massage sequence is the one core massage sequence for all treatments including Salt Rock and Pregnancy massage.

One flowing massage sequence to perfect instead of learning lots of different protocols which can feel overwhelming.

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