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The features and benefits of our new facial treatments and packages

The features and benefits of our new facial treatments and packages

Our Treatment menu has been developed to give your clients instant results with long term effects.

We asked the Sea Magik education team, Max and Katie, to tell us a little bit more about our new Facial and Hair + Scalp Treatments and Packages, including the types of products used, how they can benefit your clients and the retail journey.

Our new Facials and Scalp menu consists of six new Treatments:

  • Yogassage Signature Sculpting Seaweed Facial – 75min
  • Ocean Glow Feel Good Facial - 60mins
  • Hydra Boosting Refresher Facial - 30mins
  • Gua Sha Mineral Eye Lift - 25mins
  • Peaceful Seas Nurturing Face, Shoulder & Scalp Ritual – 60 Minutes
  • Soothing Hot Oil + Mud Seaweed Scalp Massage – 30mins

So you can start planning which Sea Magik Treatment you'd like to offer your clients, we’ve written a blog giving you information on how much we recommend you sell our Treatments for, and what you can expect in terms of revenue and profit.

But what is unique about Sea Magik facial and scalp treatments and pacakesg, and why should you invest in them? 

One core skincare line

The Radiance Skincare line is pro ageing, mineral based skincare range, used across all four facial treatments.

Helping to improve overall skin health with its multi mineral content, your clients will see pro-ageing results, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The range is suitable for all skin types, the range helps to heal problematic skin with anti-inflammatory properties, meaning it's suitable for even the most delicate skin types.

Another added benefit is that this range is also suitable for men’s skin, meaning there is no need to offer a separate facial for male clients.

Retail Journey

Used in both the Signature Seaweed and Ocean Glow facials, there is an optional add on of using Algimud, Plantox, and Peel and Reveal peel off masks, allowing you to tailor the facial to your client's needs and concerns.

These Alginate peel off masks can be rotated within a course of facials for ultimate  results.

Three Phase Massage Sequence

One of the highlights of the all the facials is the unique three phase massage sequences; Pressure Point, Sculpting and Lifting.

All three phases have a purpose to deeply relax, stimulate blood flow, release blocked energy, drain excess fluid, remove toxins, firm and tone facial muscles improving the shape and contour of facial features.


The facials are all similar in protocol and products used, making them highly adaptable.

However, it is also possible to build bespoke experiences for your clients by taking elements of the face and eye treatments, and adding in massage sequences, tools or products to specifically suit your clients needs.

Experts in Scalp Care

With two new deeply relaxing scalp treatments, you'll be able to help both the condition of the scalp, as well as focusing on massage and relaxation.

We show you how to use an aromatherapy-based nourishing oil on the scalp, and an Indian Head style scalp massage, alongside the application of the ultra conditioning Three Seaweed Scalp Mud (applied warmed to assist absorption into the scalp) means this is the ultimate in scalp care, suitable for even the most sensitive scalp conditions.

These treatments are excellent for male clients, and also suitable for pregnant clients, making them excellent additions to body massage rituals.

Upgrade Opportunities

There are many opportunities to upgrade within the facials, adding in a scalp mud application, an eye massage, or cooling Gua Sha eye massage. Or even adding an Alginate mask to an eye treatment, or Salt Rocks to the neck and shoulder or hand and arm massage - meaning you can build your business and increase revenue.

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