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How to make £1k in just two days

How to make £1k in just two days

Our Sea Magik Mentor Becky has written this blog post all about "How to make £1k in just two days", by running a Two Day Facial Promotion.

How to Plan your Promotion Day

This blog post is all about my secret behind "How to make £1k in just two days", from just offering the Yogassage Signature Sculpting Seaweed Facial.
This method helps you to get:
  • New Clients
  • Repeat Bookings
  • Retail Sales
  • Existing Clients (trying something new!)
  • £1k in your bank 
I've done the hard work, I've done the planning, I'll tell you exactly what to do and what works for me and my other clients I coach too!
Here's what you need to know...

1. Decide on your dates

Choose which days you want to run your promotion on, and block them out completely in your diary.

You need to do this for two reasons:

Firstly, you'll book clients in, and we want these two days to be all about the NEW launch.

Secondly, it will make you work hard to fill them JUST for this specific treatment only.

2. Start a 7-day countdown in the lead-up to your promotional day

This can be enticing clues, examples or what they will see or achieve from this treatment. You want to keep them engaged and waiting for the next clue/piece of information.

Keep posts short and sweet when doing the 7-day countdown. It gets boring reading a long post, keep it short and snappy.

3. Design your posts for social media

These need to be sent each day, same time, keep it uniformed and make sure are representative of your brand and the Sea Magik brand.

I recommend you use a free online design tool called Canva and when you post these, make sure you use hashatgs so your posts can be found easily.

I've created a few posts already for the Yogassage Signature Sculpting Seaweed Facial on the Facebook page for you to use or as a guide if you want to create your own.

4. Order your stock

You need to make sure you are fully stocked with professional products, both to use and for retail - the key to this promotion is to not only get your clients trying the treatments, but also get them buying retail products.

I know some of you find it difficult to retail, but your client is coming for a treatment because they want help with their skin.

They don’t have to take the full range (although most will probably need it!) but even if they take just one product, it will enhance what you've done for them on the day and encourage them to keep up the results of the facial you've just given them.

After all, we don't want to lose a sale!

This is a big, BIG mistake in sales. You need to have stock ready for your client to take there and then, if you don’t have it in stock, they will more than likely say ‘Oh don’t worry I’ll get it next time’ and then.... they don’t!

Full stock looks professional, it shows your prepared for them and ready to help them in their homecare NOW!

5. Where do I advertise my 7-day countdown?

The answer is simple -EVERYWHERE! Here are some ideas:

  • Facebook – Stories and Lives on your page, local spotted pages, groups (my personal favourite is the WI pages, I have gained no end of sales and new clients from these groups)
  • Instagram – Stories, reels, posts and lives
  • Twitter
  • Your website
  • Newsletter
  • Any local WhatsApp groups you're on
  • Text messages
  • Email
  • And don't forget to TALK to you clients too in salon!

6. What do I need to include in my marketing? 

  • Treatment name

  • Time

  • Cost (if offering a discount tell them how much they will be saving!)

  • What the treatment is – including a full description

  • How it works

  • How it makes you feel and type of results to expect

  • Any images

  • Testimonials off the people you have practised on!

  • Any kind of words that help to communicate urgency, such as: This will be a sellout, contact us today, book now to avoid disappointment, do you suffer from FOMO, well this is not one to be missed!

This is what I do for any events I organise, my most recent one sold out in 11 minutes!

Here is a downloadable PDF to help you with your planning.

I'm here to help

It takes time to plan and execute but follow my easy steps and I guarantee you will be fully booked on both these days and retail your heart out.

Many of my coaching clients have done this method and see amazing results and I know you will too.

Remember consistency is key. If it helps, write it all out on paper first, I always do this as I’m old school and love a pad and pen.

I plan, plot and present and get results! And I know you will too.

Good luck and keep me updated on how your days go and please post about it in the group! We want to help each other grow in our Sea Magik community and watch each other flourish and praise each other’s successes!

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