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Spa spotlight - Nirvana Spa

Spa spotlight - Nirvana Spa

As far as destination Spa`s go, if you need ultimate relaxation and if water therapy is your preferred method then Nirvana Spa in Wokingham is the Spa for you!

Nirvana embodies everything we at Sea Magik love about the Spa Industry, we have a true affinity with the message they convey,  of being a pure water spa.

As a long standing Spa Partner with Nirvana, we have seen this beautiful establishment grow and flourish.

Nirvana was one of the first UK Spa's to introduce Floatation Therapy and have in the last year expanded their floatation offering with the introduction of a new Super sized floatation pool which is going to be utilised for relaxation and rehabilitation purposes. Nirvana's Spa goers can use the Spa Find Mineralising haircare and Bodycare after a floatation giving them lasting skin health benefits.

Nirvana truly understand our clear message of health through mineral water and utilise our products in many areas of the Spa.

One of the most popular Treatments is the Rasul chamber it gives guests the chance to feel fully cocooned in minerals and mud from top to toe.

You share the Rasul Chamber with a partner to experience this authentic Spa treatment. You exfoliate using the Spa Find Heavenly Hydration Salt Brushing, then you apply the Mineral rich Black Body Mud all over the body, then smoothing Spa Find Heavenly Hydration hair and body mud through the hair and finishing with a hydrating layer of Renewed Radiance Facial Mud Mask. A relaxing and rejuvenating sit in the Steam room allows for the minerals and muds to hydrate and cleanse. Followed by an invigorating shower with spa Find Heavenly Hydration Showr gel and an then you cocoon yourself in the Heavenly Hydration Body Lotion to finish this sumptuous and Indulgent treatment.

Take a look at this amazing video to fully understand this fantastic treatment: Discover Luxurious Rasul

The last two years has seen the expansion of the Sea Magik range into the retail areas and seen the nirvana guests fall more in love with our amazing Spa brand. We support Nirvana with our promotional team that provide exciting event days and create awareness of how to heal the skin through mineral therapy.

If like us, you love Mineral water then Nirvana is the place for you with over 10 different water pools to experience you are spoilt for choice!

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