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Sea Magik wins at Attracta Beauty Awards

Sea Magik wins at Attracta Beauty Awards

Earlier this month we attended the Attracta Beauty Awards which brought together the best emerging and established beauty brands. Now in their 5th year, The Attracta Beauty Awards are a prestigious accolade, with products meticulously selected and judged by a panel of the UK’s leading professional make-up and hair artists.

Amongst leading brands from the beauty industry and guests including thought leader and activist, Satish Kumar and classic super model Jan de Villeneuve, Sea Magik were awarded Best Shampoo (Pink Salt Shampoo) and Best Facial Mist/Toner (21 Mineral Mist), in a thought provoking and inspiring ceremony celebrating 'Beauty of the Ages' and the positive power of beauty to empower others. Products were assessed on packaging, usability, effectiveness and innovation, with awards going to products which are kind to both people and planet.

Sea Magik Pink Salt Shampoo

An exciting new Spa hair treatment experience, fusing pure Himalayan salt granules with organic seaweed and essential oils of lime, rosemary and cypress; for natural exfoliation and volume.  Great for: Removing product build up and pollution. Exfoliating hair back to a healthy state. Adding volume and shine.

Sea Magik 21 Mineral Mist

A natural water mist infused with the 21 minerals of the Dead Sea. For skin hydration and a mineral boost whenever and wherever you need it. Great for: Hydrating dry skin. Re-mineralising skin throughout day. Refreshment in hot weather/ during travel. Post-birth healing ‘bits spritz’. Spritzing over make up. Naturally healing acne and other broken skin conditions.


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