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Multi-award winning, well-trusted, miraculous products...just a few things you may hear about Sea Magik. But don't let us tell you, watch our founder Kate in her debut, sell-out show on QVC.

Trusted, British family-run spa brand, since 1981

Sea Magik is a multi-award winning spa self-care brand based on the magical wellbeing and skin hydration benefits of natural mineral salts. Kate is our current founder and CEO but her father was the original inventor that had the idea of infusing mineral salts into skincare over 40 years ago. 

Sea Magik Brand Story

Kate's father Robert had a passion for mineral salt water from childhood. He grew up in Hungarian Romania and had a salt lake behind his house, where Kate's grandmother would take him almost every day to boost his health and wellbeing. That’s where his passion for salt water was born. 

As used by top spas and salons

Fast forward 40 years and Kate is now running the family business and our expertise is in creating spa rituals for in spa and at creating spa self-care rituals to use at home, to make our customers feel happier and healthier. 

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