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Step-by-step pro-ageing spa facial at home

Step-by-step pro-ageing spa facial at home

Skincare and particularly anti-ageing skincare can be a little overwhelming, especially to those who are new to it. Nowadays there is something for everyone; oily, dry, combination, but how do you know which range is right for your skin type? And what order are you supposed to use it? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Skincare shouldn’t be considered a chore or another task you’ve got to tick off your to-do-list. Skincare is self-care, and you can feel as though you are beginning and ending your day with a sensory spa facial with our Sea Magik Crystallage Pro range. This range is pro ageing and suitable for all skin types showing signs of premature ageing.

Step 1. Crystallage Gel Wash

Each morning and evening add 2-3 pumps of the gel wash into the palm of your hand and mix with water to create a light foam. Massage over face and neck in circular movements, avoiding the eyes, then rinse with fresh warm water or use a warm muslin cloth. Repeat if needed.

Step 2. Crystallage Skin Polish

Massage into face and neck using gentle circular motions with fingertips. If the skin is sensitive, wet your fingertips to lighten exfoliation. Leave the skin polish on the skin for 30 seconds before removing with a muslin cloth, or cotton pads, soaked in fresh warm water. Repeat once or twice a week.

Step 3. Crystallage Mousse Mask

Using fingertips or a mask brush, apply a layer over face and neck, avoiding the eye area. Leave for 5-10 minutes enjoying the subtle scent of the spa essential oils. Remove with a muslin cloth or cotton pads soaked in fresh, warm water. Take this time to close your eyes and relax, inhaling the heady aromas and the pure Kaolin Clay, Magnesium Crystals, Organic Winged Kelp, Jojoba and Olive Oil. Repeat once or twice a week.

Step 4. Crystallage Hyaluronic Serum

After cleansing, smooth this lightweight serum onto face and neck. Use fingertips to press the product into skin starting at the centre of the face and working outwards towards jaw line. Then use upward movements from the neck to smooth over skin until the product is absorbed.

Step 5. Crystallage Kelp Crème

Apply a small amount of nourishing Kelp Crème to the face, smoothing over your face and neck in upward movements, then allow the product to sink into your skin. Apply a little more crème before bed for a deeply nourishing overnight treatment. 

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