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Heart Shaped Himalayan Hot Salt Rocks x 2

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Perfect for:
Healing skin. Salt bathing. Natural deodorant.

Feel good benefits:
Massage or soak your stresses away.

Give yourself a simple yet effective mineral spa treatment at home with Sea Magik's Pink Himalayan Salt Rocks. Sourced from the highest place on earth, the quality and purity of our Heart Shaped Himalayan Hot Salt Rocks are unequalled. By placing these beautiful pink salt rocks in a warm bath, your whole body will benefit immediately from the 84 naturally occurring minerals they contain.

For a naturally anti-bacterial healing treatment, run the Salt Rocks under water creating a salty oil solution on the surface of the rocks. Gently rub the oil created directly onto skin that needs healing.

For use as a natural deodorant, gently rub the oil created by the Himalayan Salt Rocks onto under arms.

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