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Sea Magik create salt-infused treatment rituals harnessing the power of true Spa [Sanitas Per Aqua] to promote healthy skin, body and mind. Natural mineral sources provide our four key ingredients: water, salt, mud and seaweed. We add organic plant extracts and therapeutic essential oils to enhance efficacy, keeping synthetics to a minimum.

Our products are 100% vegan, cruelty-free, free-from harsh ingredients and kind to all skin and hair types.

Skin Health First

At Sea Magik, skin health comes first. Healthy skin function is fundamental to our overall wellbeing and it can transform how we feel about our self.

For this reason, all Sea Magik treatments and products are designed under two strict criteria:

To promote healthy skin
To treat all types of skin, including dry and sensitive skin conditions

Mineral Rich Ingredients

Sea Magik ingredients are hand selected for their natural mineral content and ability to nourish skin.

We source the finest quality salts, muds, seaweeds and plant extracts for our products, blended through a base of highly concentrated mineral water to create a gentle but highly effective skincare treatment.

Commitment to Sustainability

As a business we are commited to becoming ever more sustainable in our approach to sourcing and processing materials.

We are prioritising the development of sustainably sourced, renewable materials and minimal plastic. We use reduced plastic pouches for our Sea Magik salts, carbon neutral plastic derived from sugar cane across Sea Magik skincare and infinitely recyclable glass with recycled wooden caps for the Sea Magik PRO line.

Benefits of sea minerals

Our bodies need minerals

Humans are made from 70% mineral water. These minerals are essential for the hydration + health of your skin/hair.

Skin + hair health

Sea Magik products are packed with body-essential minerals that replenish + optimise skin/hair health.

An ancient spa remedy

Sea mineral bathing has been used around the world since ancient times, to keep our bodies in healthy balance.

Boost emotional well-being

The sea has the ability to heal the mind + body by boosting our feel-good hormones. We bring the therapeutic power of the sea to your bathroom, every day.

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