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Pink Salt Shampoo

A multi-award-winning volumising and clarifying shampoo.

Have you tried it yet?

Sea Magik Pink Salt Shampoo is a powerful hair treatment enriched with Himalayan pink salt and Dead Sea salt granules.

Gently removing product build-up and environmental pollutants, this shampoo’s unique texture will exfoliate your scalp and leave your hair full of natural volume, bounce, and a radiant shine.

Why Pink Himalayan Salt?

Pink Himalayan Salt is known for its purity. Sourced underground in the Himalayan mountain range, it contains 84 beneficial minerals with soothing and detoxifying benefits.

The mineral packed Pink Himalayan salt granules not only remove pollution and product build up from the scalp and hair but will also stimulate the hair follicles and deliver essential minerals to keep the scalp healthy.

The Mineral Science

“You can trace every ailment or disease back to a mineral deficiency.”​ Linus Pauling, Biochemist and Nobel Peace Prize Winner.

But what does this mean for your hair health? A lack of minerals in your diet can lead to hair conditions such as psoriasis, dermatitis, itchy scalp, dandruff and even thin, lifeless hair.

At Sea Magik we believe that creating a natural balance of minerals in the body is key to maintaining skin and hair health.

Which is why every single one of our products is infused with sea minerals, helping your skin naturally absorb minerals in your everyday routine.

So rather than popping a supplement, try swapping your daily skin and haircare products for those infused with sea minerals - and achieve the ultimate in skin and hair health. naturally.

Don't take our word for it...

  • Naturally deep cleansing and antibacterial ​
  • Gentle exfoliation suitable for all skin and hair types ​
  • Stimulates the scalp ​
  • Removes product build up ​
  • Gives hair amazing natural volume ​
  • Incredible bounce and shine ​
  • 100% natural fragrance ​
  • SLS/SLES Free

SLS and SLES free

Sea Magik Pink Salt Shampoo is SLS and SLES-free, meaning it won’t strip your hair of its natural oils, helping you improve your hair and scalp health.

Going SLS-free in your haircare routine means avoiding the harsh and irritating ingredient sodium lauryl sulphate, a foaming agent used by a lot of hair care brands in the UK.

If you have an itchy or flaky scalp, one of the simplest things you can try is washing your hair with an SLS-free shampoo.

Complete the set and save 15%

The Pink Salt Haircare Bundle includes our multi-award-winning Pink Salt Shampoo and Pink Salt Conditioniser. This match made in haircare heaven promotes a beautifully cleansed scalp and voluminous hair.

Both the Pink Salt Shampoo and Pink Salt Conditioniser are infused with natural essential oils of lime, rosemary, and cypress, to uplift your senses (and your hair), and take you to your happy place whether in the shower or bath.

Save £4 when you buy as a bundle.

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