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Self-care - A day in the life of Kate, Sea Magik Co-Founder

Self-care - A day in the life of Kate, Sea Magik Co-Founder

What does self-care mean to you?

I 100% subscribe to the phrase 'self-care is not selfish' but when it comes to my own self-care, it has been a journey! I must confess, I was previously not a lover of the term 'self-care' and it made me feel anxious to think about putting myself before others.

Thankfully, I have gone full-circle with my perspective on self-care and would now consider it to be my number 1 priority on a daily basis 🙂

My daily self-care routine

I make sure I do at least 3 of the below acts of self-care every day (if not all of them!)

6am – Workout

I wake up before the rest of the family and head to the garage for a 30 minute workout. Either weight training or yoga are my go-to. For me, whether I do this workout, determines my mood for the rest of the day - I am a MUCH nicer person if I have done a morning workout!

6.45am - Uplifting morning shower

I love spending time in water of any description and find my morning shower really therapeutic. I use our Sea Magik Pink Salt range, inhaling the energising lime and cypress essential oils, which help wake me up and lift my mood.

7.30am - Take greens supplement

Nutrition is my self-care weak spot. I am rarely organised to have healthy foods ready to eat and then I end up eating anything that is available (note to self: book on that nutrition course on my self-care to-do list!) 

To fill in nutrition gaps for the time being, I drink a glass of Athletic Greens every day, a supplement with multivitamins, minerals, probiotics and adaptogens (warning- this is a very expensive form of nutrition, and eating vegetables and fruits is a much better option, where possible). 

8.45am - Listen to Feel Better, Live More podcast

On my way to work, I listen to one of the 15 minute bitesize podcasts on the Feel Better, Live More Podcast - a health podcast with great life-hacks and wellbeing advice.

Throughout the day - Mist and refresh skin (and mood)

I am a self-confessed workaholic and find myself chained to my desk most of the day. If I was advising someone else, I would recommend taking regular breaks for fresh air and to move your body. However, my self-care is a quick spritz of 21 Mineral Mist to wake me up, refresh my skin and soothe my eyes after staring at my computer screen.

9pm - Salt bath

Unsurprisingly, my ultimate self-care is an evening salt bath.

I love all salts, but currently have a couple of muscles strains, so Epsom Salt is my best friend. I like to listen to a good audio book whilst I am relaxing. I’m currently listening to Burnout, a great book on how to successfully complete your stress cycle, so that stress doesn't get stuck in the body and lead to burnout (I have been there, multiple times).

Finding the motivation for self-care

I think one of the main hurdles to good self-care is finding the motivation to do it regularly.

Whether it be exercise, good nutrition, or a salt bath, you’re not going to get the benefits from doing it once a week. Self-care is something to incorporate into your daily routine.

The tool I’ve found most useful when it comes to motivation is Mel Robbin's 5 Second Rule - if you are a procrastinator, overthinker, self-sabotager or perfectionist, I would highly recommend that you read the book or listen to this podcast

Is self-care worth the effort?

YES YES YES! I have found the benefits of daily self-care to be endless. From being calmer around my children, to reducing my anxiety, to having better sleep- and much more.

I’d love to know your self-care tips. Feel free to message me on Instagram here.

Kate x

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