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3-step at home scalp treatment

3-step at home scalp treatment

Often overlooked, the skin on our scalp needs as much care as other parts of our bodies. With daily or weekly shampooing, our scalps can be exposed to harsh surfactants, the cleaning agents within shampoos, heat from styling, and in some cases, overuse of thick conditioners or styling products. This can cause an unhealthy build-up of product on the scalp hair follicles, and hair itself.

The effects of the above issues can irritate the scalp. Unbalanced skin on the scalp results in either excessively dry, and sometimes flaky or extremely oily skin and heavy limp and dull hair. It is as important to find the right balance of haircare as it is for your skincare. At Sea Magik, we create spa hair care keeping the balance of the skin on our scalps in mind when formulating hair care products which also give you a sensory experience.

Below is an easy 3-step at-home treatment to maintain a healthy and balanced scalp while keeping the hair lightweight and shiny;

Step 1

Unless you have a very sensitive scalp, it's important to exfoliate the skin on your head by removing the dead skin cells. New skin cells are stimulated by exfoliating the scalp. Exfoliating can also stimulate stable hair growth and remove the excess build-up of product from intensive conditioners or styling products. The hair strands will also be exfoliated as thick products can stick to the hair, and non-exfoliating shampoos cannot always remove them. The Pink Salt Shampoo is a clarifying treatment that can be used once or twice a week for hair and Scalp. It uses real Himalayan salt crystals, which can be massaged over the scalp to exfoliate and remineralise. The clean and heady aroma of Lime, Rosemary and Cypress will enhance your experience, take slow deep breaths, and enjoy this sensory experience.

Step 2

Once the scalp and hair are clean and fresh, apply a generous amount of Sea Magik 3-Seaweed Scalp Mud to the scalp. We recommend taking time to massage this over the hair and scalp. Massaging the scalp is key to stimulating the blood circulation to the scalp, which will benefit hair growth and balance the skin to prevent overly oily scalps. It also addresses the muscles in the top of the head which are directly linked to tension. We mainly hold tension in our face and head. If the skin feels tight over the scalp, it indicates you are holding tension.

Try enhancing your hair washing experience with a sensory at-home treatment. Spread your fingers over the scalp and press the pads of the fingertips directly onto the skin, then use small and slow circular movements with your finger pads planted, then change the position of your hands until you have covered the whole scalp. Perform this massage whilst taking slow deep breaths.

Step 3

Next, use the 3-Seaweed Scalp mud through the lengths of the hair (more products may be required) No matter your hair length, using a wet brush at this stage is recommended to ensure all the strands of hair are coated in the conditioner and to tease out any knots or tangles without damaging or breaking the hair. The Scalp mud can be left on both the scalp and hair at this time. The conditioning coconut base of the scalp mud will deeply condition the scalp and the hair shaft. The Organic Tri-Seaweed blend will infuse the scalp and hair with vital minerals to strengthen the hair and rebalance the scalp. It’s a good time to relax for 3-5 minutes before rinsing thoroughly.

This three-step at-home treatment will keep the hair and scalp in excellent condition.

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