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Yogassage Calming Waves Ritual – Back of body

Yogassage Calming Waves Ritual – Back of body


Sea Magik Yogassage Calming Waves Body Massage is a unique back of body massage experience designed to align the body while providing deep relaxation.

Taking techniques from both yoga and traditional Lomi Lomi water massage styles, this ritual combines long sweeping movements with gentle stretching and muscle manipulation sequences to release tension held in joints and muscles, for a thoroughly rejuvenating experience.

This luxurious massage ritual provides a blissful sense of renewal for both the body and mind.

Treatment suitable during pregnancy, alternative massage movements will be used.

Treatment Time

45 mins


fever, contagious diseases, blood clots, kidney conditions or liver conditions, cancer, inflammation, uncontrolled hypertension *Pregnancy - follow Yoga Waves Pregnancy Massage Treatment Protocol

Products & Equipment Required

Sea Magik Brand Bible

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Downloadable PDF versions of our Signature Sequence and Treatment Protocols, so you can follow at your own pace.

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