Face masks are a great way to reinvigorate, nourish and enhance your skin! But there are so many different ones on the market that it can be hard to figure out which is best for your skin. Let's take a closer look at some the face masks that are sold on our site and highlight what skin type they are most suitable for, their key effects and benefits!

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Dead Sea Spa Magik Mud Mask

Suitable for: Normal/Combination and Oily

This mud mask contains marine mud from the Dead Sea. This mud is renowned for being rich in minerals, hydrating the skin whilst it cleanses! The minerals' composition stimulates skin cell regeneration to refresh the complexion and smooth out fine lines. Drawing out impurities from your skin, the mask can help to improve the appearance of blemishes, blackheads and whiteheads.


Dead Sea Spa Magik Delicate Boosting Mask

Suitable for: Dry or Sensitive

This is a gentle mask that delicately revitalises the skin, perfect for dry or sensitive skin! It contains pure Dead Sea mud that boosts your skin’s complexion and it provides deep and long lasting nourishment for a dry skin. The mask will leave your skin looking and feeling soft and radiant!


Spa Find Plantox Trasnformation Peel-off Mask

Suitable for: all skin types, includes significant anti-ageing benefits

This mask will transform your complexion into smoother, softer and younger looking skin! It’s an at-home spa facial treatment which harnesses the natural nourishment of Hibiscus Seed extract to inhibit skin cell contraction which can cause expression lines. This plant extract also boosts the skin’s natural defences, fighting off free radicals and protecting the skin against further ageing effects!

Spa Find Plantox Mask 

Magik Organiks Peel and Reveal Marine Mask

Suitable for: all skin types, includes significant anti-ageing benefits

Get immediate anti-ageing results from this mask which targets fine lines and wrinkles! It contains natural anti-ageing agents such as Algae and Maple Cherry, a nutrient-rich boost for tired, dull skin lacking in lustre. Spa Magik Organiks offer a Free-From range of products, meaning you’ll get all the skin-rejuvenating benefits in a natural way, without unnecessary nasties.


Dead Sea Spa Magik Algimud Active Seaweed Mask

Suitable for: all skin types, includes significant anti-ageing benefits

A unique award-winning peel-off mask which combines natural seaweed  and pure Dead Sea mud to cool and soothes even the most sensitive of skin. This outstanding mineral combination promotes faster skin cell regeneration, giving skin lacking in lustre a brighter and more youthful appearance.